Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Did This Happen?

So this week I'm prepping physical materials for recording a Feng Shui podcast on Sunday, since I don't have and can't use a DM screen.
So this week I'm playing my first SAGA game since my second rpg experience of all time, using an abandoned setting for 2e mentioned in this podcast.
So this week I'm rereading the Savage Worlds Deluxe rule set in anticipation of a friend's game.
So this week I borrowed Dungeon 99/Polyhedron 158 from work because it has a Hannah-Barbera/DIC inspired 70s/80s cartoon teen musician crimefighter rpg in it, and now I have to pay for it Tuesday because this lives at my house.
So this week we're playing the second session of Joshua's Adventure Time Pathfinder game, continuing our attempts to prosecute/rescue thieves who have taken refuge in the Daredevil Kingdom's spring break trap dungeon.
So this week I'm looking doing some more work on Arcis Enumre, my B/X D&D world, since when I'm not running actively I get all antsy and preppy. I'm also bolstered by the success of the Harryhausen Tribute Gauntlet to try to do some more one-off theme crawls.
So this week I'm reading the winners from the One Page Dungeon Contest I forgot to enter. Speaking of which...
So this week I'm firing off my pitches before WOTC closes their open submissions deadline May 31.
So this week I'm finishing writing my beta rules for my VENTURE BROS INSPIRED story-game rpg, to be published here as soon as the layout is finished, called Jumpsuits and Jackasses.
So this week I'm getting my copy of the West End Ghostbusters game in the mail, complete with mostly-intact ghost die.
So this week, weather permitting, my wife and I are meeting out DM at the renfest, first time she has been since she was a kid and first time I've been at all.

So this week is what 2.5 years after I first started nosing around this hobby in any earnest?

So this week is crazy considering and also now I want to go for a walk outside and watch some sports.